• Image of Lever - "Hover Bored" CD

Right off the bat, you may think there is a typo. Do not worry! We here at Lever are more than capable of proof reading something as monumental as this! Hover Bored is Lever's first official full length.
There's a reason we picked jewel cases for this album. This will be a gem and a treasure in your CD collection.
Spine art on either side let's you find us no matter which way the cd case is placed. Beautiful CD art allows you to know what the CD is even if you lost the case (for shame). A full color booklet and artwork tops off a true album experience.

Track List:

1. Mcfly
2. Who Cares
3. Last Call
4. Identity Crisis
5. Spider
6. Lucky
7. Age Zero
8. One-Hitter
9. Nickels'n'Dimes
10. Bad Vision
Yes, 10 originals. What mood? What occasion? One that keeps you on the edge of your seat, ready for anything that is going hit you.